MARABOU – Chocolate

Marabou is an icon, the largest and most beloved chocolate brand in Sweden, but it was losing its way. We were faced with the challenge of making it feel relevant again. Once designed by Sigvard Bernadotte, a prince, famous industrial designer and true lover of chocolate, the beloved Marabou brand mark is youthful, spirited and unlike anything else. So the first thing we did was making it bold and pound on the pack once more. Made in Sweden, true to the nation’s favourite recipe, with real ingredients and flavour. We celebrate this with honest, tasty photography and scandinavian design.Telling a consistent brand story across multiple substrates, a dozen product pillars, and more than 80 SKUs, in a way meaningful and accessible to Swedes. Agency: Design Bridge More Work MARABOU – Chocolate Design Bridge, Identity Work, Packaging Design Uit Krant – Cover Illustration Illustration
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