Syngenta – Fortenza Duo Giftbox


Our Challenge was to create an engaging gift set to announce the launch of Fortenza DuoTM.

The product has a revolutionary mode of action that makes plants capable of defending themselves against a wide range of insect species. Previously catastrophic insect species can now be controlled in a targeted, environmentally responsible way. We saw this as an opportunity to consign these disruptive pests to history.

We designed hand built oak entomology boxes that showcased the range and scope of the product’s active ingredients.

The box contained a hand-made envelope of glossy plates showing the product campaign visual. We included the digital brand assets with a guide for implementation and roll out.

We finished the story with an edition of ‘Wicked Bugs’ by Amy Stewart, and a magnifying glass, because from now on, the bugs will be much harder to spot.

  Agency: Design Bridge